Ms. Fields

Psychotic and sadistic serial killer Ms. Fields

Ms. Fields (Gail O'Grady) was the true main villainess of the 2017 film Lycan (alternately titled Talbot County). She was the adoptive guardian of Isabella Cruz, the film's hidden protagonist villainess.

As discovered later on, Ms. Fields was also the daughter of Emily Burt, the alleged Talbot County Werewolf. The legend followed Emily's family years after her death, including her daughter; it came to the point that the latter had to change her name to Ms. Fields in order to escape the backlash. At some point, she turned into a villainess by perpetrating several murders in the woods of Talbot County, Georgia, presumably including Isabella's birth parents. The killings drove Isabella insane, and in the aftermath, Ms. Fields took the former in and forced her into becoming her cohort in her murderous plot.

In 1986 (the year the film is set in), the sadistic serial killer instructed Isabella to lure her Columbus State University classmates into Talbot County's woods so that they could kill them one by one, with Isabella's reveal being cemented when she murdered Kenny. During their killing spree, both villainesses used clawed blades in order to continue the werewolf ruse, and it was after Isabella took Blake and Blair to Ms. Fields' secluded house that her official villainous reveal occurred.

The reveal in question was initiated when the maniacal conspirator set up Blair to be killed by her pack of wolves while she was talking to her on a phone. The protagonist then led Blake to evidence exposing Ms. Fields' true identity, after which Ms. Fields herself entered her house in a fur coat and searched for Isabella. After finding her, she expressed disappointment in her unwilling henchwoman for allowing Blake (whom Isabella was in love with) to live, and this was followed by a fight breaking out between the two women. Ultimately, Isabella used gas flowing out of a pipe to make the house explode, killing both her deranged adoptive guardian and herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Gail O'Grady previously portrayed Julia McCullough on Matlock and Olivia Wise on Sleep Easy, Hutch Rimes.
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