Mrs. Cheever AHP

The evil Mrs. Cheever

Mrs. Cheever (Ruth Storey; 1913-1997) is a villainess from "Profit-Sharing Plan," episode 7.23 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate March 13, 1962). She is the wife of Miles Cheever, who had retired from his job after 20 years.

During Miles' farewell party, he received a pen and pencil set as a gift, and after coming home and telling his wife about the party, Mrs. Cheever stated that Miles deserved more for 20 years of work. Under the indirect suggestion of his wife, Miles returned to his former workplace and stole a large amount of money from the vault. Mrs. Cheever expressed elation over her husband's actions and made plans with him to use the ill-gotten loot for a trip together. However, Miles had his own plans, as he was having an affair with a woman named Anita, and he planned to use the money to run away with her. The illicit couple was doing just that in the episode's climax, but after they were seated in the plane, they flight ended up delayed due to a crank call regarding a bomb threat. Miles was told about the call, but was also told that all luggage had to be searched, which made both him and Anita nervous due to the money being in Miles' briefcase.

After Miles and Anita are taken by police for questioning, Mrs. Cheever later appeared and revealed herself as the person behind the call. As it turned out, the evil Mrs. Cheever found out about the affair and made the call about the bomb threat to prevent Miles from leaving with Anita (and possibly take the money for herself). The deranged villainess called the airline on a pay phone and called off the threat, stating that it was all a joke. As Hitchcock revealed in his closing epilogue, Mrs. Cheever was arrested for creating a bomb scare.

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