Mr Big (Kathie Browne)

Appears in

TV series - Mr Terrific (USA. CBS net. 1967)                                         

Episode - 2: Mr Big curtsies out (First broadcast 15 Jan 1967) 

Played by - Kathie Browne (1930 - 2003)

Story - In this  episode of the superhero spoof tv series, the weak and mild mannered service station proprietor Stanley Beamish (Stephen Strimpell), who becomes the super strong flying crusader "Mr Terrific" when he takes a power pill, is assigned by the government Bureau of Secret Projects to uncover the identity of "Mr Big", the head of the crime syndicate.

Stanley spies on the syndicate's mansion and finds Mr Big is actually a beautiful woman. Inadvertently giving himself away he's forced to flee. The syndicate gangsters come after him, which leads to them capturing Stanley, the government men Reed and Trent - as well as Stanley's business partner, Hal.

Now they all know the identity of Mr Big and their fate appears sealed. However, eventually Stanley escapes from the syndicate mansion, retrieves his power pills at the service station, and returns as Mr Terrific to rescue the others and defeat the gangsters.

Appearance - A tall, pretty Caucasian woman in her 30s with red/blonde shoulder length hair.

Weapons - Mr Big uses a handgun.

Fate - Mr Big holds a gun on Stanley and the others ready to shoot them. But Stanley, who has a cold, sneezes in Mr Big's direction - the force of a Mr.Terrific sneeze sends the villainess flying, her gun is lost as she goes crashing into the furniture and onto the floor - defeated. Later the police arrive and arrest Mr Big and her men.


  • Kathie Browne appeared as Deela in the 1968 episode "Wink of an Eye" for the TV series "Star Trek".
  • Kathie Browne appeared as Nova's Assistant in the 1969 episode "The Not-So-Great Escape: Part 1" for the TV series "Get Smart"
  • Kathie Browne was married to actor Darrin McGavin until her death.
  • The IMDB gives the name Julia as well as Mr Big for Kathie Browne's character.  However, that name is never used in the show, nor does it appear on the episode credits.


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