Mothylsu 1 - Battle Skin Panic
Mothylsu (モスチルス)
is the primary antagonist of the 1990 PC88 action visual novel "Battle Skin Panic: Zenra Senshi" (バトルスキンパニック -全裸戦士-) by developer Gainax, as well as the enhanced ports "Super Battle Skin Panic" and "Battle Skin Panic 9821". She is the queen of the Mastodon Race (マストドン人).

2000 years prior to the game's events, Mothylsu and her minions attempted to take over the world. However, they were defeated by a Chinese princess named Taketoyo, who had developed a type of self defense art called "Hadaka Kami Kassatsu" (裸神活殺).

Mothylsu is resurrected in the late 20th century by her underlings who sacrificed young maidens by draining their blood into her cocoon. However, her return is short lived as heroine Mimi Bandou manages to battle and mortally wound her.

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