Morgana, the Witch Queen is a recurring villainess in the Witches' Legacy series of hidden object games, including Lair of the Witch Queen, Hunter and the Hunted, Slumbering Darkness, The Dark Throne, and Awakening Darkness.

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As the powerful Queen of Witches, the beautiful Morgana has ruled over the Other World, separated from the human world, for centuries, having murdered a fellow evil witch named Cassandra. She was able to enter the human world (in mortal-woman disguises) through a mirror portal until it was destroyed, and eventually tried to bring back the dark goddess Thetis whom she worshipped.

However, she and her host of high witches were then destroyed by the young good-witch heroine Lynn Charleston (whose parents had been murdered by Queen Morgana's servant Elizabeth on her orders and whom she failed to lure her to the darkside) and by Lynn's witch hunter husband Edward Watson aided by an ancient ghost of witch hunter Wolfgang Dragan (actually Elizabeth's brother and Morgana's brief husband whom she deceived, manipulated and killed with her feminine wiles and magic). But even as she died, Morgana cursed Lynn with her power and her remaining followers then planned on crowning Lynn their new queen, before Edward and Lynn defeated them too and cleansed the entire Other World from evil once and for all.

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