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Princess Morgana is an evil sorceress who is the villainess of the 2015 hidden object game Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast. She was the lover of the Alchemist and the driving force behind the story of the trilogy.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Morgana was born as the eldest child to Harold and his wife, the King and Queen of the Magical Bear. Though beautiful and intelligent, the princess was also ill-tempered and ambitious, dreaming of becoming the most powerful sorceress in the land. Morgana eventually met and fell in love with the Alchemist, who promised to train and aid her in the art of magic for her dream to come true. Their union however, was not blessed by Morgana's parents as they felt that the Alchemist didn't love Morgana and was just using her. Morgana and the Alchemist was then exiled by the King and Queen, in hoping that their daughter would come to her sense.


Unfortunately for the King and Queen, the exiled couple proceeded to hone their magic skill and created the powerful Fury Crystal, an artifact of great power that can enhance the wielder magical ability, but also required a great amount of sacrifices to charge it up. To do so, the villainous couples returned to the Land of Magical Bear and slaughtered many of Morgana's former people, her parents among them, and used their magical power to charge the Crystal and fulfill their goal. Before the villainess could target her infant younger brother, the protagonist and the prince, the remaining bear people banded together to seal away Morgana in a prison made of ice that cannot be broken by any normal means and hidden away the Fury Crystal in the remain of the castle, forcing the Alchemist to spend the next 20 years to obtain three magical items to release Morgana from her imprisonment: the Ice Rose to restore her magic, the Magic Apple to restore her beauty, and the Flower of Life to restore her health, as well as the Fury Crystal to restore her grandeur.


Toward the end of the game, the protagonist and Sheridan the she-bear followed the Alchemist to rescue the protagonist's adoptive father Jared from the Alchemist and Amaretta's clutch and tracked them down to the ice prison where Morgana was imprisoned. As the Alchemist was unable to kill the protagonist and Sheridan to use their magical power on the Fury Crystal and fully restore Morgana's grandeur, he settled for Jared as the last sacrifice to bring her back to life in addition to the magical items. While the Alchemist was fighting with Amaretta, who realized that the Alchemist had broken their deal to create a love potion that will make Jared love only her forever, the protagonist managed to use the Elemental Crystal to destroy the three magical items and their links to Morgana, stopping her resurrection and caused the cavern to crumble down, trapping Morgana, the Alchemist, and Amaretta inside as the protagonist, Jared, and Sheridan made their escape outside.

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In the bonus game, setting 5 years after the main story, Morgana made one last appearance, apparently survived from the cave-in as a spirit along with the Alchemist, where they kidnapped the protagonist and Sheridan's daughter Jenny and used the girl's great magical power in a last ditch attempt to restore Morgana's power. Their final plan was foiled yet again by the quick arrival of the protagonist and Sheridan who used the power of Magic Stone to boost Jenny's power, allowing her to overcome Morgana's spell and destroy her for good. With his love of life perished, the Alchemist chose to fall into the lava beneath the collapsing chamber to death and follow her, allowing the protagonist, Sheridan, Jenny, and the rest of the people to finally live in peace with no more fear.

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