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Queen Morgana (voiced by Deborah Allison) is a major character in the children's fantasy animated series Princess Gwenevere (Starla) and the Jewel Riders, where she is an evil sorceress who is the main antagonist of the series' second season, aired in 1996.

Morgana and the series' other villainess, Lady Kale, later both inspired the character of the Dark Sorceress in Avalon: Web of Magic.

Story[edit | edit source]

Morgana with Lady Kale

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The mysterious, sinister, and seemingly eternally young Morgana was once the Queen of the Wild Magic and a leader of the evil Ancient Wizards who have been eliminated by the good wizard Merlin 1,000 years prior to the events of the show. Introduced in "Revenge of the Dark Stone", she first appears in person in the titular episode "Morgana" as she comes back to life by the power of the Dark Stone. She and the also revived Lady Kale then make an uneasy deal to (for a time being) work together against the Jewel Riders. Morgana hopes to find the Wizard Jewels, get her vengeance upon Merlin, and finally conquer Avalon, unless Princess Gwenevere and her friends stop them in time.

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Morgana, usually appearing to aid Kale as a magic image (her body still trapped in the Wild Magic), and the Jewel Riders meet repeatedly, most of the times to fight for the various Wizard Jewels (in "Shadowsong", "Fashion Fever", "The Wizard of Gardenia", "Vale of the Unicorns", "Mystery Island", "Fortune Jewel"). However, she and Kale are foiled every time.

End of Morgana and Ancient Wizards

In the end (in "Lady of the Lake" and "The One Jewel"), after Princess Gwenevere rids Avalon of Kale forever, Merlin uses the power of the ultimate One Jewel, provided by Gwenevere, to defeat Morgana once and for all. The witch (now in a new leotard-style costume instead of her usual long dress) and a collection of ghosts of Ancient Wizards all get trapped in magic forge and seemingly annihilated completely, leaving no trace of them. And, with the Dark Stone no longer existing, it seems this time nothing is going to bring her back again.

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