Monstrous Nurse

The sinister and nameless Monstrous Nurse

The unnamed Monstrous Nurse is a villainess from Pandemic, a 15-second horror film released in 2016 by Entity Eye Entertainment. The film opened with a man being tended to by the nurse and a male doctor (also unnamed), with the nurse joining the doctor in reassuring the patient as she placed an oxygen mask on his face.

Shortly afterwards, however, the man was horrified to look up to see the doctor was a monstrous creature, clutching a sharp scalpel while looking menancingly at him. The man turned to see the nurse was also a creature, and upon jumping up and rushing over to a mirror, the man was stunned to find he himself had also been transformed into a monster. The patient was quickly sedated by the doctor with an injection, with the evil doctor and nurse presumably intending to use the man for sinister experiments.


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