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Monica Shavetts (Sarah Douglas) was the main antagonist in the 1992 comedy film "Meatballs 4".

Monica Shavetts was the evil owner of Twin Oaks Resort, the rival summer camp.  She attempts to buy Neil Peterson's Lakeside summer camp at the other side of the lake.  She plans to turn the area into a lakeside golfing community.  Neil is unwilling to do so despite the fact that he has a mounting mortgage problem.

She attempts to convince Ricky Wade (Corey Feldman) into joining her camp, but he is not interested.  Monica's camp is defeated in the annual ski competion between the camps, and decides to turn up the heat.

Neil becomes desperate for his camp to be successful.  Monica sends her goons to disrupt the camp by influencing the number of campers they have.  The goons begin by forcing a number of the coeds riding 4-wheelers to strip at gunpoint.  Those campers ask for their money back due to be humiliated.  Next the goons spy on a bunch of coeds showering, and pour some blue dye into the water system.  As a result, three of the girls turn into smurfs and demand their money back before leaving the camp.  His depleated camp membership is affecting Neil's bottom line,a nd it looks like he wont be able to pay his mortgage.

Ricky organizes a major ski-off between the camps for a winner-take-all.  Monica agrees with one stipulation, that if Twin Oaks wins, Ricky has to come back to work with her for minimum wage and a period of five years.

However, unsure about her team winning the bet, she uses her goons to make sure she wins by way of sabotaging the events.  She plants fishermen in a boat to disrupt several events with a remote control that effects the speed of the boats.  This is discovered and taken control of by one of Ricky's skiers.

In the final event, the ski-jump, the injured Ricky decides to jump anyway.  He lands a perfect triple hedge jump and Lakeside won.  Monica fires her goons and as a result, they pour champagne over her head.  Monica screams in humiliation.  It is assumed that Monica closed her resort and moved away as Lakeside took over.


  • Sarah Douglas appeared as one of the Kryptonian villains, Ursa  in the 1980 film Superman II.
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Taramis , the Evil Queen of Shadizar in the 1984 film, "Conan the Destroyer".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Pamela in the 1984 miniseries "V: The Final Battle".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Shandray , the main antagonist in the 1986 post-apocalyptic sci-fi film "Solarbabies".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as the sorcerer Lyranna in the 1991 fantasy adventure film "Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Jha'Dur, aka Deathwalker, in the 1994 "Babylon 5" episode "Deathwalker".


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