Monica Jones (Rachel Blanchard) was a bully from The Rage: Carrie 2.

She was a very nasty and mean girl who relishes in being a bully and harassing her clique's biggest target, Rachel Lang. The film's climax has Monica striking a false friendship with Rachel, plotting with her friends to humiliate Rachel in revenge for starting a friendship with football player Jesse Ryan and reporting the football team for their sex game.

After the prank is unway, the evil Monica shows her true colors to Rachel by mocking her along with her friends. She is later killed by Rachel after she wrecks havoc on the party with her telekinetic powers, who used her powers to make her glasses shatter, the glass puncturing her eyes as screams in pain. Before dying of her injuries, Monica also unintentionally shot Eric Stark in the crotch with a speargun she armed herself with to protect herself against Rachel, leading to his death.

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  •  Rachel Blanchard went on to play the psychotic Mallory Parkes in the 2013 Lifetime film The Surrogacy Trap.

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