Mona (Catherine Weber) is a secondary antagonist in the 1995 action film "To the Limit".

Mona is a top henchwoman for the film's main antagonist Arthur Jameson. She leads an assassination team to kill Frank Da Vinci, but fails to kill him. She is the only member of her team to survive while the rest have been killed Mona tries to use her team's getaway vehicle until it blows up after being shot. Arthur says that he had high hopes for Mona because she never failed Artur and never failed a mission until the day she was sent to kill Frank.

Despite her skill and dependability in the past, a disappointed Arthur strangles her for her carelessness. Before her death Mona tells Arthur that she thinks Frank won't live because she put six bullets in him but Arthur tells her that she doesn't know Frank as well as he does. While confident that she killed Frank Mona knows that Arthur would kill her if she failed she believed Frank was dead but also tried to convince Arthur not to kill and forgive her if he wasn't dead.
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