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Momma Wong is an evil side character in the comicook series Bomb Queen by Image Comics.

Momma Wong acts as the 'sidekick' for the evil protagonist Bomb Queen by creating tech and giving valuable advice to Bomb Queen to ensure she maintains control of her notorious New Port City - a city where crime and vice are allowed to flourish and superheroes are banned or murdered.

Momma Wong runs her own restaurant in Newport City known as the Laughing Dog where she serves up supposedly 'Chinese food' (it turns out later that she has been serving the city rat,cat,dog and even human toddler meat). She displays a high level of intelligence as shown in various issues where her advice and actions help get Bomb Queen out of precarious situations and emerge victorious (Return of the 'Ice Queen' in Bomb Queen II: Queen of Hearts).

Momma Wong shows the exact disdain for superheroes and law in general as Bomb Queen most probably due to the illegal nature of how she runs her restaurant and also the fact that she is a pedophile. This is proven by the harem of young boys that Momma Wong keeps around whom she asks to work in her restaurant, do her bidding during missions (Bomb Queen VI Vol 1 & 2), serve as prostitutes (mainly for Bomb Queen) and also pleasure her sexually.

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