Molly Schultz's appearance in-game.

Molly Schultz (voiced by Elizabeth Mason) appears as a supporting character and the tertiary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. She is Devin Weston's lawyer, as well as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel to his business.

In the game, she usually contacts the protagonists to do some tasks for Devin Weston. Her villainess personality soon appears when she orders Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, and Trevor Phillips to deliver some high-end cars to Devin Weston, as he will sell these to corrupt, high-ranking Chinese government officials. Once the cars have been delivered after a lengthy police chase from the Pacific Highway, Molly does not give Franklin the payment promised as Weston had it invested. Franklin comments he has been "robbed in polite manner."

Molly Schultz GTAVe Demise

Molly gets sucked into a turbine, spilling her remnants at the back.

Her final appearances come when she is told by Weston to take and store a copy of a film produced by Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards to her flight. Unwilling to surrender his first movie, Michael pursues her to the Los Santos International Airport. After a big chase on the runway, Schultz crashes her car on the side of Weston's Hangar. She makes an attempt to escape Michael by running to a Jet in Weston's hangar. However, one of the turbines sucks in Schultz, shredding her to death. Only her hand and some viscera is what remained of the lawyer.

GTA V Molly's Death Scene

GTA V Molly's Death Scene

Watch full death scene here.

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