Mistress Barbarous (briefly mistakenly referred to as Mistress Barbara by the protagonist) is the evil ringmaster of a cursed circus and the main antagonist of the book Give Yourself Goosebumps: Trapped in the Circus of Fear.

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Mistress Barbarous wears black leather pants, a red satin blouse, and a snug black vest.

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Most, if not all, of Mistress Barbarous' life prior to the book is left ambiguous. Pieces of her history have been uncovered. She is the ringmaster of the Circus of Fear and at some point gained a magic pendent that gave her power. Its unknown how she came by this power or if it was before or after she became a ringmaster.

Mistress Barbarous, along with the rest of her family, started gradually kidnapping children from different towns to serve as attractions for the circus and used their magic to ensure that they would never be able to leave by transforming them into freaks.

Their list of victims would eventually grow to include Danny Mendleson and Merrill Thornbush both of whom would become the Lizard Boy and the Girl with Five Tongues.

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