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Miss Amy (Rebecca Ferratti) is a villainess in the 1988 action film "Silent Assassins".

Miss Amy is a henchwoman for criminal mastermind named Kendrick (Gustav Vintas), who is an ex-CIA turned psychotic.  

At the beginning of the film, Miss Amy steps out of a car wearing a low cut corset, and has full attention of some bodyguards waiting in another car.  Suddenly, she turns her pistol with a silencer on the guys and kills them both through the windshield.  They then kidnap an elderly biochemist named Dr. Terence London (Bill Erwin), and a six-year old girl (Joanna Chong) as well.  

Kendrick had been responsible for the death of LA cop, Sam Kettle's old partner, and now Kettle (Sam J. Jones) wants to settle the score.  Therefore, Kettle and his buddy Jun Kim (Jun Chong) attempt to track down Kendrick and free Dr. London.  Kendrick and Miss Amy have an army of ninjas at their disposal.

Kendrick plans to obtain the formula from Dr. London for a biological superweapon that he has developed.  This superweapon is a powerful secret germ, that could result in the death of millions.  Miss Amy is also a biochemist, so her role is to make sure that Dr. London gives them the correct instructions.  The first attempt to get it out of him fails, and Miss Amy sees that the formula is crap.  They then say they will harm the six-year old girl, which gets Dr. London's attention.  He gives them the formula, but Kendrick and Jun Kim arrive just in time, before they can hand over the formula to a buyer.  

Miss Amy is shot during a crossfire.


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