Miriam Jacoby

Deceased villainess Miriam Jacoby

Miriam Jacoby was a villainess from "The Bloody Hand," the third segment from episode 3.10 of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (airdate July 28, 2000). She was the wealthy wife of Darrell Jacoby, who was Miriam's third husband.

Darrell was found dead next to Miriam's body, which had a knife in her chest. The investigation into both deceased parties revealed them as husband and wife, though it was revealed that Miriam cut Darrell out of the will, due to reasons that were not uncovered. Miriam was killed in an auto accident, but knowing that Darrell was after her expensive necklace, she colluded with her lawyer to rig a deadly trap for Darrell.

As the flashback revealed, Darrell made an attempt to take the necklace from his deceased wife's body, but his attempt caused a barbed metal spike to puncture his hand. As Detective Ballard revealed, the spike was laced with poison, as Miriam wanted her husband dead and posthumously set him up. Darrell stabbed Miriam's body multiple times, with his active movements causing the poison to spread more quickly and eventually kill him. In a twist, Ballard revealed that Miriam's fingers were covered with Darrell's fresh blood, giving the indication that the evil Miriam briefly returned from the dead and scratched her husband's face during the scuffle.

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  • This story was revealed as fact in the end of the episode.

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BBFF - The Bloody Hand

BBFF - The Bloody Hand

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