Miranda Lambert and Danica Patrick

Miranda Lambert (left) and Danica Patrick (right) as villainous thieves

Miranda Lambert and Danica Patrick are the main villainesses from Miranda's music video for Fastest Girl In Town (release date July 30, 2012). Within the video, they appear as the villainesses of a movie sharing the song's title, with the music video's opening showing a theater with the movie poster outside it.

Miranda and Danica first appear in the music video entering a bar, with the women quickly earning the attention of a man playing pool. As Danica waits at the bar, Miranda walks up to the man and asks him to light her cigarette, during which she inquires him about his car and flirtatiously asks him to take her for a ride, with the man stating he would after she finished her beer.

But as Miranda went back to the bar, she discreetly snatched the man's car keys and handed them to Danica as she walked past her to the jukebox, revealing herself and her friend as thieves. Soon after, the man noticed the women had left the bar and looked outside just as the two were making off with his car. As Miranda and Danica celebrated their heist, their victim got into another man's truck and the two gave chase to the conniving villainesses, with the man at one point firing bullets at the two in an attempt to stop them.

However, the chase resulted in the police pursuing them as well, and the men were arrested after the truck broke down. The men were arrested, with the theft victim failing to get the cops to understand what happened, and Miranda and Danica grinned at having escaped. Their final scene of the video showed the women parking the car in a garage, with Danica offering to take Miranda out for a drink after she complained about having not gotten to finish her beer earlier.

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  • Miranda Lambert also appeared as villainous thief Belle Boyd in her music video for Somethin' Bad.


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Miranda Lambert - Fastest Girl In Town

Miranda Lambert - Fastest Girl In Town

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