Minnie Wigwam

The villainous Minnie Wigwam

Minnie Wigwam is a secondary villainess from the 2010 Disney video game Guilty Party. She was the main villainess of the game's 3rd Story Mode case. She was a teacher who brought her students to an aquarium, where Hugh the Manatee (a famous member of a singing manatee trio) was kidnapped.

After investigating, the Dickens detectives deduced that Minnie had been behind the animal abduction. The two biggest pieces of evidence against Minnie were the women's bathing suit she wore while placing Hugh in a crane to move him (with a crab pinching off a part of it) and the water found on the floor of the Theater where Hugh was kept, indicating that a larger person had taken him. It can also be determined that Minnie's claim to have returned to the aquarium to search for something was a lie.

Cornered, Minnie attempted to feign innocence, only to admit to kidnapping Hugh when she was kicked by Charlotte Dickens-Johnson after she insulted Ling-Ling Johnson (Charlotte's adopted daughter). Regarding a motive, Minnie revealed that she had received "secret admirer" letters from Mr. Valentine (the game's main villain), asking her to kidnap Hugh the Manatee in order for them to be together and escape on a cruise, as well as how she had gone along with the devious plot due to her life-long loneliness. Minnie was presumably arrested offscreen.

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