Minister Ferro (Joana Barrios) was a villainess from the film Diamantino. She was credited Minister of Propaganda, but from all actions she did in the movie, she  looked more like leader and main authority of an extreme right wing party, in charge of ruling the country of Portugal. She was paraplegic, but this did not interfere with her ruthless supremacistic attitude. In some cases her wheelchair even appears to be received as a seat of authority.

She bribed the nefarious sisters of Football star Diamantino Matamourous, Sonia and Natasha, into using their brother for a political campaign to split Portugal from the EU and corral the country within a big wall. As well as using him in a genetic experiment, executed by Dr. Lamborghini to copy his Football playing magic to other players forming a "miracle team" to please and distract the masses from the political overthrow.

In the end she killed Dr. Lamborghini by shooting her into the head, because she failed the experiment, and for a moment it seemed, that she also shot Aisha, the heroine, who came for the rescue of Diamantino. Aisha felt into the water and Ferro tried to drown her. But in a kind of near-death experience, the football star left his tied up body and killed Mrs. Ferro instead, stabbing her in the back with the sword, Aisha brought with her. Bleeding from the mouth she plunged out of her wheelchair into the water.

Scenes with her can be seen in the Trailer at 0:56 and 1:19

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