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The evil Mina Chayton

Mina Chayton (Chelsea Kurtz) is the main villainess from "When Harry Met Harry...," episode 4.06 of The Flash (airdate November 14, 2017).


Mina's backstory revealed that she is a university teacher who later became an activist; protesting against artifacts connected to her Sioux heritage being placed on museums. Her protests eventually became violent, leading to her serving six months in prison and losing her job after her release. Mina was shown in the episode, "Luck Be A Lady," as one of the many passengers on the bus that was showered by dark matter (along with Becky Sharpe). As a result, Mina became a metahuman with the ability to bring inaminate statues to life, using them to do her bidding.


In the episode, Mina used her powers to obtain three separate pieces of a Sioux necklace; obtaining the first part by controlling a statue of a puma to kill Jim Fox, who possessed what Mina was after. The villainess was confronted by Barry Allen (as The Flash) and Ralph Dibny (a former detective who was also on the bus and gained stretching powers), but not before she sent a suit of armor after another intended victim, who Barry saved in exchange for Mina escaping. Mina eventually ended up in possession of all three pieces, after using her powers to bring a statue to life and assault a pair of workers in an armored van. Her attempted getaway was thwarted by Ralph, who used his powers to catch Mina, with his efforts causing injury to a young girl.

Mina was arrested and taken into custody, but she managed to steal the officer's name tag and used the pin to remove her cuffs. She later used her powers to enlist a police mannequin to fire its weapon inside the station, and then escaped to the museum to take the necklace. After Barry and Ralph arrived, the evil Mina sent a dinosaur sculpture after them, but Ralph managed to hold the creature at bay while Barry went after Mina. Mina boasted over her powers and how she could use them to bring everything to life, which prompted Barry to use her culture against her; tossing a Sioux artifact to distract her and allow him to handcuff her, while catching the artifact in one piece. Mina was again arrested, and as Barry revealed, she was taken to Iron Heights.