Millicent Princey

The psychotic Millicent Princey

Millicent "Millie" Princey (Tita Purdom) is the main villainess from Alfred Hitchcock Presents' second season opener, "Wet Saturday" (airdate September 30, 1956). She is the lone female offspring in the Princey family, and she was in a romantic relationship with her schoolmaster.

Right before the episode's events, Millie met her lover, who had informed her that he had plans to marry. She thought that the schoolmaster was talking about her, but was dismayed that he was referring to another woman. In a fit of rage, Millie grabbed a croquet mallet and bludgeoned her lover to death. According to her brother, Millie struck her schoolmaster seven times.

Fearing that Millie's murderous actions would bring shame to the prestigious family, Millie's family, led by her father, covered up her crime. Mr. Princey forced police captain Smollett to confess to the murder, which he does. However, as Hitchcock's narration revealed, Millie ended up arrested for killing her lover, while her family was arrested for the cover-up.

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