Midori Touko (aka Mother) is a villainess from Black Joke the manga, rumour says that shes possesed by an ancient angles, which is arcangle (Michael) lived in her right hand and the fallen angle (Lucifer) in left hand, but of course thats just a rumour spread by herself to gained popularity and money, she is actually an actress whom unable to survive with just her career as a celebrity so she worked part time at an S&M club till she meet with an assassins named Shinji Nitou, this man silently assiting her from background to develop the appearance of genuine spiritual powers, even Shinji is very loyal to her, she still treat him like an Pet, she can control him with just a lewd kiss technique since Shinji apparently has mental problem, however in the end she lost her control against him and got killed by her own "Pet"

kissy kissy kiss <o3o/


in her latex

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