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Meriisa (メリーサ) is the primary antagonist of the 2018 manga story "Meriisa Akuma no Ejiki" (メリーサ 悪魔の餌食), aka. "Ma by artist and author Yoshihisa Tokimaru (時丸佳久). The story first appeared in the anthology magazine "2D Dream Magazine 2018-04 Vol. 99" (二次元ドリームマガジン 2018年4月号 Vol.99).

The story begins with one of Merriisa's henchmen interrogating the protagonist, Narcotics Investigator Richard. When Meriisa enters and finds that Richard has yet to spill the beans, she shoots her henchman dead. The villainess then tells the captive that he must tell her the secrets of the Drug Enforcement Bureau and then proceeds to hold up a photograph of his daughter, Sherry. Furious, Richard yells at her to give his daughter back, only for her to open up a locket showing a picture of herself with another young girl. Meriisa says that the child is in fact her own younger sister who was also been captured by the higher ups in her organization and if she doesn't learn the Bureau's secrets, they are planning to kill her. To further prove her desperation, the villainess begins to have sex with him. Richard is overwhelmed with physical pleasure and slowly begins to lose his resolve to resist; ultimately deciding that losing his job in disgrace is worth the safety of his daughter.

The following day, Meriisa tells Richard that he will get to see his daughter very soon and that she still plans to have sex with him, but adds the stipulation that he be blindfolded this time. Richard wants verbal confirmation one more time that Meriisa did not lay a hand on Sherry, and she gives it to him. However, once the blindfold is on, Meriisa's henchman brings in his daughter: mouth gagged, hands bound and completely naked. Having now received all the information that she was after, the woman has no further need to have sex with him and gets Sherry into position and watches as the protagonist unwittingly rape Sherry, with the villainess pretending that it is still her all the while.

The story ends ends with Meriisa tearing the locket from her neck and telling her henchman that he's free to dispose it. When the underling asks who the kid in the photo is, Meriisa reveals that it isn't her kid sister at all, but rather some random girl from the orginization's prostitution house.

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