Meredith Hellman

The evil Meredith Hellman

Meredith Hellman (Susan Clark) is the main villainess from Murder, She Wrote episode 7.13, "Moving Violation" (airdate February 3, 1991). She is the second wife of Ambassador Chandler Hellman, and the stepmother of Chandler's son, Brad Hellman. However, Meredith harbored hatred towards Brad due to his antics threatening Chandler's career. The couple arrived at Cedar Cove after Sheriff Metzger arrested Brad for various traffic violations and bribery; all the while, Meredith took this opportunity to devise a villainous plan to kill her stepson.

After Brad was released on bail, Meredith drove with Brad to an isolated area, where they bickered over his latest incident. At that moment, the evil Meredith unleashed her gun and pointed it at Brad; subsequently firing three shots at him. She missed with her first shot, but the next two killed Brad. Meredith was revealed as the killer when Jessica Fletcher informed her that her gloves had traces of gun residue, prompting the villainess to burn her gloves in the fireplace. It turned out that the gloves that Meredith burned were fakes planted to set her up, and the real gloves were already in the police's possession. After being caught, Meredith boldly admitted to the murder, while arrogantly boasting that she again saved her husband's career. Meredith was subsequently arrested.

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  • "I didn't marry Chandler Hellman to watch his screwed up son ruin our career. Little brat was a dangerous liability; one scandalous episode after another. Then I realized that fate had handed me a wonderful opportunity to put an end to the problem...permanently." (Meredith revealing herself as Brad's killer)
  • "When he was released on bail, I took him on a drive. Talk some sense into him, or so he thought. You know, he had no shame for all the trouble he caused everybody, and no idea how much I despised him. He had no inkling of the solution I had in mind. He fell backwards into a ditch. I drove back into the hotel, had a hot bath and a dry martini. Chandler, as usual, had no idea that once again, I saved his career." (Meredith's detailed description of Brad's murder)


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