Megan Hyde 00

The evil secretary, Megan

Megan is a villainess from the comic Hyde by Fetishcomix.

She is an evil secretary working for a professor, who betrays him and tries to steal his secret formulas.

She is first shown sneaking into the professors office with a pistol in hand, dressed in dark sunglasses, high heels and an incredibly short skirt.

She sneaks up to the professor, who is hard at work, and holds the pistol to his head, demanding access to his secret formulas. The professor sits down and tells her she can't access them because they are password protected. Megan presses her stilleto heel on the professor's chest and points the gun at his head, she demands the password "or I make a hole in your head".

The professor complies and tells her that the password is "Hyde". He then asks if he can make a whisky for himself, and Megan demands one too. The professor uses this situation to pour something from a bottle in his pocket into one of the glasses. But evil Megan notices and forces the professor to drink the glass at gunpoint, which he does.

The professor collapses at the feet of his evil secretary and experiences strange attacking pains. His features and personality change as a result of what he drank and he uses his position to his advantage and grabs Megan's leg and pulls her to the ground, causing her gun to fall on the floor.

Suddenly the advantage is with the professor, he grabs Megan's gun from the floor, and orders her to strip. She complies with everything he says, including shoving her panties into her mouth. The professor ties her up on the couch and tells her about his experiments and that he knew she would try to steal his formula, he then sedates her. He injects her with a serum and she becomes an experiment. The professor cloes the door and tells Megan that tomorrow she'll be a new woman, and that she's fired.


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