Meg (Linda Haynes) is a villainess who appears in the American blaxploitation film "Coffy". (1973)

After her sister becomes a heroin addict, a nurse named Coffy takes gun in hand and goes undercover to track down the dealers responsible for her sister's condition. One of the main dealer's contacts is a pimp called "King George." Coffy disguises herself as a Jamaican prostitute named "Mystique" and offers George her services. The other ladies in George's employ are less than pleased with Mystique cutting in on their action, least of all the King's main squeeze, Meg. The other prostitutes makes jokes about how jealous Meg is, which makes her even angrier.

At a party attended by other members of the criminal underworld, Meg shows her displeasure by knocking a tray of drinks into Coffy's lap. She holds in her rage and says “accidents happen,” then she retires to King's room to freshen up. The heroine puts a set of razor blades in her afro and goes back to the party. Sadly for Meg, Coffy neither forgives nor forgets, and a bowl of salad poured over Meg's head kickstarts one of the craziest catfights ever caught on film. Food, hair, and bare breasts fly everywhere as our heroine takes on every angry hooker that comes her way. Meg and her rival go into a clinch and grapple furiously on their feet. The heroine lands a hard slap to her opponent's face, sending her crashing onto the table. Finally, the enraged Meg grabs Coffy by the hair and she comes away with bloody fingers.

The humiliated Meg is later shown with a black eye and big bandages on her hands. It seems she’s out of of commission as a hooker for a couple of days.


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