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Matilde (Helga Line) is a minor villainess in the 1971 swashbuckler film "Long Live Robin Hood".  It is also known as "The Scalawag Bunch", and "Archer of Fire".

Matilde is the ex-lover of Sir Robert (Luis Davila).  Matilde is jealous over Robert's infatuation with Maid Marion (Silvia Dionisio), who he plans to marry.  This plan is not solely because of her beauty but also since a marriage between a Norman and Saxon would open many doors for Robert to begin taking over England.  Sir Henry of Nottingham, who is the alter ego of Robin Hood (Giuliano Gemma) has other plans for Maid Marion.

Matilde is shot in the back with an arrow by a guard when she tries to stab Sir Robert with a dagger.


  • Helga Line appeared as Miss Eleonore, the Housekeeper in the 1963 Italian horror film, "The Blancheville Monster".
  • Helga Line appeared as Taneal in the 1964 Peplum film, "Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon".
  • Helga Line appeared as Solange in the 1965 Italian horror film "Nightmare Castle".
  • Helga Line appeared as Inge/Trude in the 1966 Italian crime film "Kriminal".
  • Helga Line appeared as Marlene Schulman in the 1970 film, "Churchill's Leopards".
  • Helga Line appeared as Mabille De Lancre in the 1973 film, "Horror Rises from the Tomb".
  • Helga Line appeared as Lorelei  in the 1974 film, "The Lorelay's Grasp".
  • Helga Line appared as Zanufer in the 1975 Spanish horror film, "The Mummy's Revenge".


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