The psychotic Masked Intruder

The unnamed Masked Intruder (Leah Farinella) is the villainess of the 2015 short horror film Night Night Nancy (release date February 6, 2015). She was a masked woman who broke into the home of the film's titular protagonist, who became alerted to the intruder's presence after finding photos of herself sleeping on her phone while texting her boyfriend Josh.

After seeing the masked intruder, Nancy hid in her bedroom as the masked intruder walked down the hall, clutching a machete in her hand. After texting Josh about the situation, Nancy hid in her closet just as the intruder entered the bedroom and began searching for her. The evil intruder was seemingly alerted to Nancy's hiding place when her phone chimed as Josh sent her another message, but after staring at the closet, the intruder disappeared.

But shortly afterwards, Nancy opened the message from Josh to find two pictures of him with his throat slashed open. When Nancy attempted to call Josh, she heard his phone go off inside the closet. Nancy then turned on the closet light to see a man with bandages on his face, holding Josh's phone in his bloodied hand. He also had one half of a pair of handcuffs on his wrist, indicating that he and the female intruder had escaped prison together and had been stalking Nancy. The man then uttered the title of the film before turning off the light, likely killing Nancy off-screen.

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NIGHT NIGHT NANCY - Short Horror Film

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