Evil kidnapper Masha

Masha (Jana Pallaske) was a villainess from "Special Ops: Part 1" and "Special Ops: Part 2", episodes 1.05 and 1.06 of Crossing Lines (airdates July 14 and July 21, 2013). She was the criminal partner and lover of Yan, the two being serial kidnappers. Aiding the criminal lovers was Katya, a guidance counselor at Italian art school Centro di Restauro, with the kidnappers targeting students at the school.

Masha and Yan's first known victim was Allesandro Cosanzo, who they released unharmed after their demands were met. In the episode's events, the couple targeted Maxim Marianski, the wealthy son of Lev Marianski and Caroline Pelletier, having been enlisted by the latter to kidnap him. The villainous couple donned masks and abducted Maxim from a nightclub with his girlfriend Laure, with the evil Masha shooting and killing her along with two of Maxim's bodyguards and a club bouncer.

Masha and Lev took Maxim to an isolated country house, where they kept him chained in a bedroom. Over the course of Maxim's captivity, Masha (unlike Yan) showed sympathy for Maxim and regret over killing Laure, and became increasingly disgusted with Yan's callousness. Despite this, however, Masha expressed joy when she and Yan learned that Lev had gotten them the €10 million ransom they had demanded. But as Yan tried to call Katya (who had already killed herself to avoid arrest), he and Masha were killed by a pair of masked men, shot dead execution-style.


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