Marty Fowler

Evil cult leader Marty Fowler

Marty Fowler (Paula Trickey) is the main villainess from the 2014 Lifetime film, Crimes of the Mind. Along with her husband, Joel, Marty ran a boarding ranch where she had three teenage girls as her ranch hands. She took in 16-year-old Laura Raeburn after Laura's mother, Carolyn, took her there with plans to practice horseback riding.

However, Marty turned heel shortly after taking in Laura, when she was revealed the leader of a cult, having brainwashed and manipulated her trio of teenage ranch hands. Marty's heel persona was cemented when she began coercing Laura into turning against her mother and the rest of her family, doing so as part of her twisted plan to groom Laura to replace her own deceased daughter. Marty keeps Carolyn from seeing Laura, often threatening Carolyn with violence and informing the police on her.

Marty controlled Laura for 18 months, knowing that once Laura turns 18, she'll be able to keep Laura in her clutches permanently. On the day of Laura's 18th birthday, Carolyn (with the help of the rest of the family) freed Laura from the ranch, prompting Marty to fire her shotgun at Carolyn as she sped away with Laura. Marty was not charged for her actions, but she was ordered to pay a civil suit, and in the final scene, the evil Marty "grooms" another teenage girl, with onscreen text stating that Marty was in the process of becoming a foster parent.

Trivia Edit

  • Paula Trickey previously played the evil Lori Tinsley on CSI, and also played villainess Liz Hamilton in 2013's The Cheating Pact.
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