Evil witch and thief Martha

Martha (Lisa Darr) is the main villainess from "Sabrina's Pen Pal," episode 3.20 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (airdate March 26, 1999). She is an evil witch and a jewel thief who was imprisoned in the Other Realm for (among other thefts) attempting to steal the Star of Orion. Martha had her powers taken from her and was sentenced to work in the library.

Martha later became Pen pals with Sabrina (who was unaware of Martha's heel persona and that the "Pen" in Pen pal was short for "penitentiary"), and in the episode, Sabrina decided to visit Martha and meet her in person. Martha portrayed herself as a sweet and introverted person, and manipulated Sabrina into helping her escape. Sabrina turned Martha into a cat so she could leave, and once they were both in Sabrina's room, she turned Martha back into her human form.

Martha went with Sabrina to school, and it was there that she resumed her criminal activities; stealing Mr. Kraft's emerald tie pin, various objects belonging to students, and jewels from the Spellmans' safe. The villainess stole the jewels as part of her master plan: to steal the Star of Orion, which would allow her to steal magic from other witches. Martha bought a potion with the jewels, which allowed her to easily pass the deadly lasers surrounding the Star. However, Zelda (who went with Hilda and Sabrina after learning about Martha) had cast a spell on the jewel, which caused the first person to touch it to have a cookie jar wrapped around the object (a "hand in the cookie jar" spell). The spell is activated once Martha picked up the Star, but she used the potion to escape when security arrived.

After the coast was clear, the evil Martha resurfaced and successfully took the Star of Orion. She was later caught by Sabrina, who expressed disappointment in Martha's evil ways. Martha feigned guilt and gave Sabrina the Star, but this was a ruse, as she had taken Sabrina's magic. After Martha escaped, Sabrina chased the villainess on her flying vacuum cleaner, with the chase ending with Sabrina jamming Martha's vacuum with a penny. Sabrina (with her magic restored) returned with Martha and turned her over just as Hilda, Zelda, and Kraft were being interrogated. The defeated Martha was later handcuffed and arrested.

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