Marsha Hendricks

Vengeful villainess Marsha Hendricks

Marsha Hendricks (Louise Platt; 1915-2003) is a villainess from "One For the Road," episode 2.23 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate March 3, 1957). She is the wife of Charles Hendricks, having been married to Charles for 11 years.

Marsha spotted a lighter with the initials "B.A." on it, with Charles claiming that it belonged to his secretary. In actuality, the initials stood for Beryl Abbott, Charles' mistress, and when phoning Charles' secretary about her anniversary gift, she was given the number to Beryl's home, with Beryl falsely claiming not to know Charles. After noticing that Beryl had the initials, Marsha figured out that she was Charles' mistress. She confronted Charles about the affair, only for Charles to deny it at first before admitting to his illicit relationship. Marsha was told that Beryl could make things difficult and cause a scandal.

Before going to sleep, Marsha asked Charles to take the bus to work as she needed the car to go shopping on the following day. In actuality, Marsha turned heel and planned to kill Beryl, beginning with heading to Beryl's home under the guise of a woman collecting welfare. The villainess asked Beryl for some of her old clothes, with Beryl leaving the door slightly ajar, allowing Marsha to enter. Once inside, the evil Marsha entered the kitchen and laced Beryl's sugar bowl with poison, but after an attempt to call Charles ended with the revelation that he was heading to Beryl's home, Marsha rushed back to save Charles.

When Marsha returned, she encountered Beryl and confessed to poisoning her sugar bowl, only for Beryl to respond that Charles had already taken the poison. At Beryl's urgency, Marsha left the house to call a doctor, only for Charles to emerge later on, revealing Beryl's deception. The episode ended with Charles informing Beryl that he would end their affair, which was followed by Beryl's heel turn: using Marsha's poisoned sugar to kill Charles out of scorn. While it was revealed that Beryl was arrested for Charles' murder, Marsha's fate remained unknown.

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