Beautiful Marlene

Marlene Schulman (Helga Line) is a minor antagonist in the 1970 WWII action film, "Churchill's Leopards".

Marlene is the girl who discovers the hero's mission, and is going to inform Hauptsturmfuhrer Holtz (Klaus Kinski), a member of the Nazi party.  She has discovered that Lt. Richard Benson/Lt. Hans Muller (Richard Harrison) is in fact a double agent.  However, she is shot by machine gun by Max Dean (Massimo Righi) before managing to make the phone call.


  • Helga Line appeared as Miss Eleonore, the Housekeeper in the 1963 Italian horror film, "The Blancheville Monster".
  • Helga Line appeared as Taneal in the 1964 Peplum film, "Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon".
  • Helga Line appeared as Solange in the 1965 Italian horror film "Nightmare Castle".
  • Helga Line appeared as Inge/Trude in the 1966 Italian crime film "Kriminal".
  • Helga Line appeared as Matilde in the 1971 film, "Long Live Robin Hood".
  • Helga Line appeared as Mabille De Lancre in the 1973 film, "Horror Rises from the Tomb".
  • Helga Line appeared as Lorelei in the 1974 film, "The Lorelay's Grasp".
  • Helga Line appared as Zanufer in the 1975 Spanish horror film, "The Mummy's Revenge".


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