Mariska is one of the Dark Purveyors and an antagonist in the video game, Lollipop Chainsaw. She is voiced by Shawnee Smith.

History[edit | edit source]

Mariska was summoned to Earth from Rotten World by Swan, along with the other Dark Purveyors. She took residence at the O’Bannon Farm. After Juliet defeated Vikke and his boat crashed toward the O’Bannon Farm, Mariska started an assault to mentally break Juliet. She created an illusion that Juliet’s boyfriend, Nick, turned into a zombie, but Juliet was able to break through. She then took the form of Juliet’s sister, Rosalind, to trick Juliet. When Juliet and Nick went inside the bus that "Rosalind" was inside, Juliet noticed that something was off when "Rosalind" said she fixed the bus when Juliet said that last week, she took her car to the shop, because she didn’t know cars needed oil. Juliet and Nick see the reflection from the bus mirror to see that it wasn’t Rosalind driving the bus, but Mariska. Mariska tells Juliet and Nick that they’re headed toward their grave before driving them to a psychedelic world. Mariska welcomes Juliet and Nick into a world of everlasting peace (shows the middle finger), and rot, and Hell (shows the peace sign).

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Mariska is always floating in a bubble. She uses bubble attack to entrap Juliet generate exploding butterflies. Juliet can’t attack Mariska directly with her chainsaw, but she can use her chainsaw blaster. After knocking Mariska out, Juliet saws her in half, but the halves regenerate into two Mariskas. The Mariskas tear themselves in two, creating four Mariskas.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

The second phase is similar to the first phase, except there are four Mariskas. They also use new abilities like driving a tractor and ramming Juliet with a pillar and summoning a giant chicken to attack Juliet. After Juliet splits Mariska in two again, the two halves regenerate into two Mariskas, with the Mariskas splitting to create four Mariskas, and the four Mariskas splitting to create eight Mariskas.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Now there are eight Mariskas to deal with, and new abilities like summoning a giant hand, using life siphoning butterflies, attacking with fireworks, and summoning a rocket to attack with the after burners. When Juliet finally cut through Mariska and broke out of her psychedelic world, Mariska tells Juliet, "Peace out. Way out." while showing the peace sign. Finally Juliet cuts off her head. Before she got sent back to Rotten World, she recited the chant to summon Killabilly as did all the other Dark Purveyors after their deaths.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Mariska’s info

Mariska disguised as Rosalind.

Juliet confronting Mariska.

Two Mariskas.

Mariska multiplies into eight Mariskas.

Mariska’s defeat.

Mariska’s death.

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