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Marisa (Paryse Allen) is an assistant to the vampire Count Orlock in the 1997 episode "Heart and Soul" which appeared in the TV series "The Adventures of Sinbad". In the episode, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew are imprisoned by a beautiful vampire, Kaliah (Michelle Bergers). She will spare the crew if Sinbad can retrieve her heart which was taken from her by the black magic of her vampire husband, Baron Orlock (Gerard Rudolf). Sinbad and Rongar seek the heart with Orlock's deadly assistant, Marisa in pursuit of their quest.
The Adventures of Sinbad - Episode 3 - Heart and Soul -Season 2-

The Adventures of Sinbad - Episode 3 - Heart and Soul -Season 2-

The adventures of Sinbad

The adventures of Sinbad. Marisa last scene

Marisa wants to be rid of Kailah so she can have Baron Orlock to herself. She is seen pouting in front of the Baron and the Baron kisses her to reassure her that she will replace Kailah.

In the climax fight with Sinbad, she is distracted by a rock thrown at her. She then fights with him with swords on a overhanging cliff. As she lunges toward him with the sword, Sinbad moves out of the way and she goes dangerously close to the edge. As she is just about to regain her balance, Sinbad punches her which sends her over the side of the cliff and to her impending death.


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