The wicked Marilyn North

The wicked Marilyn North.

Marilyn North (Bonnie Bartlett) is the main villainess from "Seal Of The Confessional," episode 6.02 of Murder, She Wrote (airdate October 1, 1989). She worked as a nurse for Cabot Cove matriarch, Doris West.

Doris' second husband, Evan West, was having an affair with Marilyn. But when Evan started harassing his stepdaughter, Kelly, Marilyn feared that Evan would not love her anymore. One night, Evan was harassing Kelly in his boat, resulting to Kelly stabbing him and he fell in to the beach. Once Kelly was gone, Evan climbed back on the pier, grabbed his windcheater and headed to the nearest medical institution — Doris' house, where Marilyn was.

Marilyn was treating Evan's stab wound when Evan suddenly mentioned that he had been hustling Kelly again, which angered Marilyn, as she wasn't getting attention from Evan. Marilyn turned heel and bludgeoned Evan with a fire poker, and afterwards, the evil Marilyn placed Evan on a wheelchair and dumped his body on the beach. Despite Marilyn throwing off accusations on Eddie and Kelly and making an attempted getaway, Jessica Fletcher was still able to deduce her as Evan's murderer. There were traces of blood on the wheelchair Marilyn was polishing earlier. Marilyn broke down and confessed to the murder and was placed under arrest.

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