Maria Gomez is a mysterious, quiet and calm woman. She is the assistant of Glenn Arias, and the daughter of Diego Gomez. She rarely shows any of emotions, unless around her father. She is said to be physically enhanced and modified.

Maria was an ordinary human and friend of Glenn Arias and his family, like her father Diego. On the day of Glenn's wedding, a government of an unknown nation ordered a smart bomb to be dropped to the wedding site, killing all guests but three: Glenn, Diego and Maria. After the incident, Maria lost the use of her right eye and underwent unspecified experimentation and received unknown number of physical, and possibly mental enhancements.

Maria led the bio-terrorist attack on Rebecca Chambers' laboratory, personally infecting Aaron, Rebecca's colleague and other researchers. Although Rebecca was saved by Chris, Maria later attacked Rebecca at the bar's restroom, strangling her until she was unconscious and then stood along with her father as he covered their capture of Rebecca with a gatling gun, which killed Patricio, an intermediary for Los Iluminados and Arias, and prevented Chris and Leon from interfering.

Maria was in New York when gaseous virus named A, short for Animality, was unleashed upon the population, but was injured by B.S.A.A. agents shooting her from the plane.

After Arias and Diego became one with the virus resembling Umbrella's pinnacle B.O.W. the Tyrant and were then killed by combined effort of Chris, Leon, Nadia and an operative named D.C., Maria headed back into the building and found her father's mask in the ruins. She then silently vowed revenge for his death.

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