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The evil Margot

Margot (Heather Hanson) was the henchwoman in the 2002 episode "Be All My Sins Remembered" for the TV series "Andromeda".

Margot is the girlfriend to the main villain, Bobby Jensen (Costas Mandytor). Bobby along with Margot and Lem, board the Eureka Maru and hold Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder), and Seamus Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) at gunpoint. They explain that the Mugani have risen against the off world colonists, and the war is not going well. The colonists are better-armed, and the Mugari need help. They ask Beka for help. However, Dylan declares that the Andromeda will not negotiate with hostage-takers.

Dylan is locked in a storage area on the Maru, under Lem and Margot's guard. Margot tells Dylan that she doesn't really care about the Mugani, and only really cares about Bobby and becoming his "queen".

Margot wears a tight sexy latex outfit which includes a black corset, black thigh high boots with stockings, a choker necklace, and opera gloves.

Later Beka is able to disarm Margot from her weapon, and a catfight ensues. Beka throws Margot off the catwalk, breaking her neck. Later Bobby is electrocuted to death by Beka as he fights Dylan.


  • Heather Hanson appeared as alien Eve Flowers in the 1999 Sci-Fi made-for-tv film Roswell: The Aliens Attack.


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