is the primary antagonist of the 1997 "Spicy City" episode "An Eye for an Eye".

Margo is a crooked cop, who pockets money from drug busts, and also blackmails the judge into letting her get her way. Actions, all of which, her partner, Ernie, is not too fond of. After he attempts to expose her true nature, Margo threatens and then murders Ernie's wife, while subsequently trying to frame him for the crime. Her plan backfires, however, when Ernie gets the judge on his side. Margo is then sentanced to death by dissection. She cowardly cries that she was set up and that she did not do anything to deserve this, but it falls on deaf ears up until her execution.


Margo with Ernie's wife.


Creating a sex-tape to blackmail the judge.


Shaved and prepped for the dissection, Margo still pleads her innocence.

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