Evil coven leader Mare

Mare (Carolyn Hennesy) was the main villainess of "Second Skin", episode 1.05 of the Stage 13 web series Two Sentence Horror Stories (airdate October 31, 2017). Mare was a wealthy woman who approached Luna (the episode's protagonist) as she was working the coat room at a high-class event.

After sympathizing with Luna after she had to deal with a pair of disrespectful event attendees, Mare invited Luna to have a free visit at the spa she owned. Luna reluctantly took Mare up on her offer and went to the spa, where she led to a private massage area. While waiting for someone to arrive, however, Luna was suddenly cornered by two men before being knocked out with chloroform.

When Luna awoke, she found herself strapped to a table before a group of women in white cloaks. Mare was standing before them, and her speech revealed her true reason for inviting Luna to the "spa": to harvest her flesh to use to keep herself and her coven members beautiful and youthful forever. As she presented Luna to the bevy of women, Mare made a point of describing Luna's skin as "not too dark, too illicit" (as Luna was African American) and how it "epitomized the new beauty ideals" of the globalized world. After coven member Agatha won the auction, Luna was wheeled away to another room as other imprisoned victims could be heard screaming for help.

Later on, after Luna managed to break off her restraints, Mare entered the room and talked with Luna, apologizing for the earlier "theatrics" and bemoaning how her coven now had to work in secret. When asked by Luna why she wanted her skin, Mare corrected by saying that it was Agatha who wanted it, making a point of saying that she preferred a more "classic look". Luna goaded Mare into threatening her with a scalpel by insulting her nose before biting it off and attempting to escape. But before she could run, Luna became disoriented, allowing Mare to subdue Luna by ramming her with a hospital cart. But as Mare attempted to strangle Luna, her would-be victim managed to tear Mare's current skin off before using the scalpel to stab the villainess to death.

Trivia Edit

  • Carolyn Hennesy also played vampiress Rosalyn Harris on True Blood and later appeared in 2018's A Snow White Christmas as evil stepmother Victoria Snow.

Quotes Edit

  • "Like it or not, ladies, beauty is evolving and our kind have one choice: we become the future, or we get left in the past." (Mare's justification for her coven's nefarious deeds)


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Luna vs Mare (Two Sentence Horror Stories)

Luna vs Mare (Two Sentence Horror Stories)

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