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Mara, Queen of the Mahar 
(Corinna "Cory" Everson) is a secondary antagonist from the 1996 episode "Tarzan's Return: Part 2" for the TV show Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.  She also appeared in the TV Movie "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures" that appeared later that same year (1996).  Mara returned in the 1997 episode "Tarzan and the Mahars".

Mara, Queen of the Mahar, rules over an amazonian race of intelligent reptilian creatures who rule the strange prehistoric land of eternal day at the center of the Earth called Pellucidar. These creatures are able to shift in form to beautiful women at will.

Russian agents led by Nicholai Rokoff (Andrew Divoff) discover a portal which is the shortcut to Pellucidar somewhere in Tarzan's territory in the West African jungle.    Nicholai is wanting a red jewel that Mara has taken from him.  Mara strings up Nicholai and his associates until they come up with a trade, offering her power to rule.

Mara soon figures out that Nicholai can be useful, and she finds him strangely attractive.  She plans to travel to Russia and return with an endless supply of flesh that her followers need to survive.

Tarzan (Joe Lara) must intervene to prevent a deadly alliance of world conquest between the evil Mahars and the Russians.  Mara transform into the hideous monster that she is and attacks.  Tarzan is able to escpe for the time being, but Mara finds the portal as well.

In a final fight with Tarzan, Mara is kicked back through the portal.  It is unsure what effect this has on her, but Tarzan also sends Nicholai with her.  Tarzan then attempts to make the place unknon to the rest of the world, but is stopped by a vision and voice.

Trivia Edit

  • Cory Everson has also played villainesses Claudia from Ballistic/Fist of Justice, Kara from Double Impact and one of the Amazon Women from Lois & Clark.


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