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is a recurring villainess and perverted magician in the Italian spy comic series "Playcolt". 

Mandracca is one of the many nemesises of Alan Velon, aka. "Playcolt". She starts out as a simple thieving hypnotist, but quickly devolves into a depraved and sadistic degenerate. Though she was never killed or apprehended by the authorities, she did receive a bit of vigilante comuppeance in every storyline, in the form of being sexually violated by Alan.


1. Playcolt 6/1974: Mandracca La Gran Vacca

2. Playcolt 11/1974: A Disneyland Ride La Morte

3. Playcolt 14/1974: Il Compleanno Di Strasex

4. Playcolt 17/1974: L'isola Di Bengodi

5. Playcolt 18/1974: C'e' Casino In Mezzo Al Mar

6. Playcolt 20/1974: La Vendetta Di Mandracca

7. Playcolt 2/1975: Per Amare Un Buco

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