Mama Yasmine

The villainous Mama Yasmine

Mama Yasmine is the villainess of "Death in the Desert", case #8 of Criminal Case: Save the World, the 3rd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date October 15, 2015). She was a nomadic woman from the Quadir tribe who also a seller of homemade trinkets.

Mama Yasmine was questioned by the player and Carmen Martinez regarding the murder of Donald Barnes, the CEO of oil refinery SandOil, as she had sent him a threatening gift saying he wasn't welcome on her people's land. The detectives' first interactions with Mama Yasmine went badly, with the nomadic woman becoming enraged at Carmen for mistakenly thinking that she was part of the Najwa tribe (the Quadir tribe's enemy). She later on revealed her resentment for Donald Barnes, proclaiming that his company was taking away her people's freedom.

Later on, the investigation revealed that Mama Yasmine had a son who had moved away to the United States, with his last correspondence to his mother being a postcard in which he proclaimed he would never return home. Mama Yasmine showed Donald the postcard and asked if he'd ever met her son, only for the businessman to scoff at her and reject her concern for her son. Enraged at Donald for his callousness and his work with the refinery, the evil Mama Yasmine strangled Donald to death with rope and later threw his body in a fire along with some of his belongings.

Mama Yasmine left camel hair with her DNA on it on Donald's baseball cap, with this being among the pieces of evidence leading to Mama Yasmine's reveal as Donald's murderer. After initially proclaiming innocence, Mama Yasmine confessed to killing Donald, lambasting him for (in her mind) destroying her people's traditions and bemoaning how Anir Aznag (the leader of the Najwa tribe) had reported Donald's death rather than helping her cover up her crime, believing it to be a sign of how her culture had been destroyed. Mama Yasmine was arrested and put on trial, where she argued that her murder of Donald had been a stand against the refinery and foreigners who tried to exploit her people's land. Judge Nigel Adaku ultimately sentenced Mama Yasmine to twenty years in prison.


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