Terry Liu as Mako

The brutal Japanese of WWII are favorite villains of Chinese filmmakers, including the Shaw Brothers of Hong Kong who produced BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS in 1973.

In a "Rape of Nanking" type plot, several American nurses are rounded up with Chinese women and sent to a brutal Japanese prison camp for women. Besides rape and torture by the male officers and soldiers, the nurses have to contend with "Mako" (Terry Liu) the sadistic lesbian Japanese officer in charge.

When she isn't ordering one prisoner to whip another, Mako is making out with one of the American nurses, even using a strap-on dildo.

When the break-out comes, the surviving women are pursued by Mako and the other Japanese. The surviving American nurse evens the score by stuffing Mako head-first into a barrel and rolling it down a steep, rocky hill. When she finally falls out of the barrel, Mako is dead from the bone-breaking multiple traumas of her ride.

BambooHouseOfDolls 01.jpg

A blind prisoner has been trained to clean and kiss Mako's riding boots.

BambooHouseOfDolls 03.jpg

Mako fondles a brutally whipped prisoner

A prisoner tries to climb over the electrified barbed wire

The other prisoners are horrified

No WIP movie is complete without a mass food fight

Mako lets her hair down... with her favorite blonde prisoner

... and reaches for her strap-on "weapon"

Held down by Mako's girl guards, the prisoner cries out in shame and horror.

BambooHouseOfDolls 11.jpg

Mako shoots an escaping prisoner

No showers... but Mako decides to bathe with her favorite prisoner

BambooHouseOfDolls 15.jpg

The American is powerless to resist the insistent lesbian.

Mako is dropped head-first into a barrel and rolled down the hill

Mako dead after her ride in the barrel

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