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The evil Majo

Majo (チーママ・マホ) is a villainess from the 1997 anime movie Crayon Shin-Chan: Pursuit Of The Balls Of Darkness (クレヨンしんちゃん 暗黒タマタマ大追跡).

She is the deputy head of the evil Tamayomi (たまよみ) clan (also known in some versions as the Clan Of The Cataplines). They are led by an old woman called Nakamura and work out of the hostess club that she owns. Majo is an expert at gymnastic martial arts and attacks with deceptively powerful ribbons that are able to slice their way through objects you wouldn’t expect them to. She is also the commander of a group of evil henchwomen known as the Hostess Corps.

Majo dresses in a tight minidress with a jacket, and wears long gloves, sunglasses and high heels. Her subordinates dress in a very similar way to her but with different coloured clothing. Her outfit catches the attention of Shin Chan’s dad who excitedly describes some of the bad girls by saying “They had these tight miniskirts. And up front was so open you could see their cleavage!”. Majo also has another outfit that she wears; a red leotard that she changes into when she battles the heroes near the end of the movie.

The Tamayomi clan are hell bent on getting their hands on a magic ball that can unleash the imprisoned Devil Jack, they have the goal of taking over the world with Devil Jack’s evil power. At the start of the movie Majo and the Hostess Corps greet a fellow clan member at the airport, where he has flown in after obtaining the ball. But before the Tamayomi clan can leave with the ball it is stolen by a rival clan called the Tamayura. The Tamayura are the good guys and are trying to stop the ball falling into the wrong hands. The Tamayura characters who we see most on screen are 3 transvestite siblings. Majo and the Hostess Corps attack the Tamayura clan in the airport, but the good guys manage to defeat them and get away with the ball.

The following day, the Tamayura clan go into a town occupied by the main protagonist Shin Chan and his family. Shin Chan meets one of the Tamayura by the water and ends up taking the ball from him. The Tamayura soon realises it is missing and tracks it down later that evening to Shin Chan’s house where it turns out his baby sister Himawari has swallowed it.

The rest of the movie involves the good Tamayura clan protecting Shin Chan’s family and trying to get the ball out of his baby sister, with the evil Majo and the rest of her clan on their trail. The two clans battle inside clubs and even a supermarket, where Majo and her goons manage to capture two of the Tamayura siblings. They also eventually capture the baby Himawari later on as well.

In Majo’s final battle she switches to her red leotard outfit and battles Shin Chan’s family, the Tamayura clan and even her fellow clan member Satake, who betrays the group by returning the kidnapped baby to her family after feeling guilt. Majo shows off her gymnastic fighting skills but ultimately ends up on the losing side. She is defeated off screen by Satake and later shown knocked out on the floor along with some of her Hostess Corps henchwomen. During the credits, it is revealed that she and the rest of the evil Tamayomi clan members were arrested and placed in jail.

Video GameEdit

Majo appears as an enemy character in the Nintendo DS video game Crayon Shin-Chan: Arashi O Yobu Cinema Land. She is dressed in her red leotard outfit from the movie and her method of attack is whipping Shin Chan with her gymnastic ribbon.


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