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Maghda (Diablo) Edit

The merciless leader of the Coven, which is in league with Belial. Magdha's past was shrouded by mystery, but it was obvious that she was once, befriends with Adria, where they worked together to usurp the very Coven where they affiliated with, which led her to be the prominent leader to the said Coven.

She eventually became an important character in the early part of the story and game and makes appearances in innumerable in game cinematics taunting the heroes through the quests. A big appearance she makes is mid-way through Act 1, when she murders Deckard Cain and kidnaps Tyrael. The plot twist handing the death of Deckard Cain to the new NPC most fans call the butterfly witch, who is held in disdain. 

After the many cinematic appearances, the heroes finally hunt Maghda down and destroy her in the Lair of the Witch in Alcarnus, resulting her soul sent to Hell for her crimes. During the fight, it was revealed that she has reunited with Adria and seeminly tortured her. Whether Magdha tortured her as her enemy or they were actually conspiring to manipulate protagonists (as Adria has scheming the plan for Diablo's revival) is ambiguous. But in either way, she died without learned that Adria had the bigger plan than hers'.

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