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Maggie Lynch is a villainess in the TV crime series Honey West (USA ABC 1965 - 66)

Maggie Lynch (Dianne Foster)

Episode : S1 :4 A matter of wife and death(first broadcast in the US on the 8th of October 1965).

Played by: Dianne Foster (1928-2019)

Appearance : A slim, attractive, dark haired, Caucasian woman in her mid/late 30s.

Weapons: Automatic handgun

Story : It seems someone is trying to murder well off businesswoman Maggie Lynch, who has hired Honey West and Sam Bolt as protection. In fact the supposed threats and murder attempts are part of a clever charade in Maggie's scheme to kill her two former husbands/partners in crime. Maggie is the brains behind a diamond smuggling operation and is disposing of those who also want a share of the proceeds. The smuggled diamonds are left in the sea to be picked up by divers. The ultra-treacherous Maggie even gets rid of her henchman/current lover, Vince Zale; sent to supposedly pick up a new batch of diamonds in the sea - what he actually collects is a bomb which blows him to pieces.

In the cabin aboard Maggie's boat, Honey is about to be shot by the homicidal villainess who gets distracted by the appearance of Sam. Honey then smacks the gun from Maggie's hand. In the ensuing struggle, Honey uses her judo skills and finishes Maggie off with a kick that sends Maggie crashing into the cabin cupboard doors.

Fate : Arrested


  • Dianne Foster appeared as Therese Marvin in the 1966 episode "Caesar's Wife" for the TV series The Big Valley.