MADison Von Trap* 
(Julie Lemieux) is the main antagonist of the episode "She Got Dangerous Game" from the 2015 CGI reboot of the crimefighting comedy "Inspector Gadget". Her personal weapons include her "crossboa", which is a crossbow that fires snakes, and a giant, laser-shooting mechanical eagle. 

A world-class trapper, she is also a M.A.D. agent, and one that Dr. Claw considers one of his best. He assigns her with the task of capturing Gadget so that he can take pictures of him positioned in various humiliating poses. MADison succeeds, though only briefly, as Dr. Claw's jealous nephew, Talon, overrides the computerized eagle using his phone and attempts to sabotage the abduction. This gives Penny a chance to catch up with them, who then puts her own hacking skills to use, causing Gadget to attack MADison with his boxing gloves, foghorn, electric pulse, laser, smoke bomb, dog whistle, and finally, rockets. It is assumed that she is then arrested, as Chief Quimby shows up at the scene just moments later.  

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  • *The "MAD" in her name is is capitalized as such in the closing credits.

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