Madison Lee (Charlie's Angels Full Throttle)

Madison Lee (Demi Moore) is the primary antagonist in the film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. A former Angel (female private investigators and heroes) she now seeks to make a fortune selling the secret identities of agents to the highest bidders. She is willing to kill, and even enjoys it.

She battles the three angels Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders and Alex Munday several times in the film. Once, she shot them using dual Desert Eagles, which the Angels tried but failed to dodge but were saved by their bulletproof vests.

In the final battle with the Angels, she overpowers Natalie until her friends arrive to punish the villainess. They kick her, her fall sending her to a gas-filling chamber below. The wicked Madison dooms herself by shooting her bullets, igniting the gas and sending her falling into the fire, screaming all the way.

The Angels stand over the glowing door to the chamber, looking down as Madison's last scream is heard in what might as well be the fire of Hell. The evil Angel is gone forever. Alex comments by saying "She's so fired." That comment causes the other two angels to laugh as they stand over the fire where the defeated Madison was burned alive, mocking her final moments as the angels stand over her tomb in victory.

Trivia Edit

  • Demi Moore also played the evil Meredith Johnson from the 1994 film Disclosure.


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