Madeline Ash

The villainous Madeline Ash

Madeline Ash is a secondary villainess from the 2010 Disney video game Guilty Party. She was the main villainess of the game's 5th Story Mode case. She was a chef and was present at the opera house when flautist Toots McTeg was crushed by a falling piano. His lover, opera singer Griselda Wurstkrieg, pleaded with the arriving Dickens detectives (who were in pursuit of criminal mastermind Mr. Valentine) to find out who attacked Toots, with the criminal's calling card on the piano indicating he was involved.

When interrogated, Madeline accused Griselda of being behind the falling piano, claiming that she was jealous of Toots' talent (though these can both be revealed as lies with the player's lie detector). Madeline, however, was proven to be the true culprit when a golden recipe book was found with a message from Mr. Valentine on it. When Charlotte Dickens-Johnson confronted Madeline with the book, she looked through it and a photo of her and Toots fell out.

At this, Madeline revealed that she and Toots were romantically involved in the past before he left her for Griselda. Heartbroken and harboring resentment for Griselda, the vengeful Madeline agreed to Mr. Valentine's plan to drop the piano on Toots, having been told by the villain that they would be dropping the piano on Griselda. Madeline broke down in tears as she bemoaned the fate of her former flame before she was knocked out by Griselda, who came swinging down on a rope and landed on her. Madeline was presumably arrested offscreen for assaulting Toots.

Trivia Edit

  • Madeline Ash is Guilty Party's final one-shot villainess.

Quotes Edit

  • "What did you see in her, Toots? Why did you leave me? I didn't want it to end like this!" (Madeline revealing herself as Toots' assailant)


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